What is Curbing

Decorative Landscape Curbing better known as “Border Edging” provides a physical barrier between the grass and flower beds, keeping both grass and weeds out of the bedding. Landscape Curbing provides a clean look that borders your flower beds, gardens, patios, pools, trees and any other settings.

Concrete curbing is the most cost effective, attractive and sensible edging product available. It’s an efficient clean three step process that includes preparation, installation and finishing. Most installations can be completed within one day.

Benefits of Curbing:

• Will not rust like steel , rot like wood , or move like brick
• Offers several curbing styles, shapes and patterns with a wide range of colors to choose from.
• Increases your property value and provides a distinct look that neighbors will envy.
• Curbing is affordable and more cost effective and durable than most border edging.

Why Curbing:
• Installation is quick and easy, with little or no mess
• Its permanent and maintenance free
• A continues concrete root barrier
• Prevent soil erosion and helps maintain irrigation of expensive flowers and plants
• You can determine the shape and contour of your border edging that’s unique to your lawn

• Matches any style or hardscape, with looks of brick, stone, slate and many other patterns
• Curbing can border flower beds, mailboxes, driveways, tree rings, patios, pools or any other settings
• Used in residential, commercial, new construction, older homes and all other types of properties

• There are dozens of curb styles, shapes and patterns
• Add curbing to the front yard, back yard or the entire property
• A wide range of colors, accents and antique looks to choose from mans every curbing job is unique